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Rimage Evidence Disc System™

The Rimage Evidence Disc System (EDS) is changing the way CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc™ (BD) evidence is processed. The EDS series of automated optical media evidence analysis systems includes the EDS-Enterprise and the EDS-Pro. Rimage systems are the highest-performing, most reliable, dual-purpose solutions for disc based evidence collection and disc publishing. By automating data extraction, disc imaging and content reporting for disc-based evidence, the Evidence Disc System saves valuable time in the lab when compared to manual examination methods. Studies show a 72% decrease in the time required to process a typical batch of CD/DVD/BD evidence (200 discs) transforming an arduous week-long examination process into a simple overnight operation

The EDS-Pro and EDS-Enterprise combine professional grade robotics with feature-rich Rimage software to provide the most complete solution for automated evidence processing. The incuded Rimage disc publishing software enables the EDS to perform double duty both as a network disc publishing and archiving applicance. The EDS is the perfect addition to your digital evidence and asset management workflow.

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